Dissertation ideas

Finding an idea of what to write my dissertation on has been very difficult. From the beginning I wanted to write it on branding. I quite like designing logos and slogans, last year for one of my projects I designed leaflets and a logo for a friends beauty therapy business and found it very interesting. The aim of me designing this for her was to make her business known and to make her business stand out from her competitors and give it an identity.

I thought this might be a good topic to write my dissertation on as this is one career idea that I would like to go into after university. After researching the background of rebranding and writing down my own initial thoughts about the topic, I came across three possible companies/products that I could include in my dissertation.

The first was M&S. Marks & Spencer were suffering a sales slump because they were seen as out of date compared to their competitors. They were in danger of being taken over by one competitor and needed to refresh the brand in order to survive.

Behance recommended rebranding Marks & Spencer as M&S, based on the simple insight that this is what people call them. They modernised the company’s entire look, from the logo, colour palette and typeface to model selection and photographic direction – creating a contemporary brand that people could relate to.

The result: M&S was once again seen as a credible fashion brand, and sales grew by 192% immediately after the rebrand. (http://www.behance.net/gallery/M-S-Rebrand/746213)

The second topic was Coca Cola. I am aware that they keep bringing out new flavours and bottle shapes and I wanted to find out the reasons why this was. In my eyes they have always been successful however am I missing futon something here? I managed to find an email address for Coca cola and I asked them why they bring out new flavours and why do they change their bottle shapes. Also they new one is they have asked Jean Paul Gaultier to design small coke bottles, why?

Another idea is why did the wispa cadbury chocolate bar discontinue and make a reappearance? Also cadburys change the shape of chocolate bars and are always bringing out new ones as well. Again I would like to know why?

These are my ideas and I am looking forward to discussing them in the tutorial tomorrow.