Recent Handmade Things

Here are some finished orders!

Firstly a book for a customer who wanted a unique present to give to the Bride on her Hen night! The book contains a photo of the bride with each hen, space for each hen to write a lovely message to the bride and an extra 10 pages for the bride to attach photographs of the hen party at the back.


The pages have been decorated with beautiful paper from the Papermania collection from Hobby Craft. I then used matching flowers to give the layout a bit or sparkle.




For the front of the book I have used ribbon to keep the book together, it became quite bulky with the photos, paper and flowers.


Beautifully packaged and ready for delivery!


Now here is a card order, my mum wanted a birthday card for her friend Ange and this is what I came up with! Very girly and sparkly love it 🙂 20130820_115559

For my Boyfriends birthday we are going to London for the weekend, he does not know this yet hence the London themed birthday card!

Inside I have used a pop up card that I bought from a little shop in Canterbury. We are going on the London eye for his birthday so I decided to include this in his card.20130820_135044

Again another little london themed card, this is for mum and dad to give to Mark as they have tickets for him to do something in London also on that weekend!



Looking into the scents

Here I have brain stormed the different scents for the new range for L’Artisan Parfumer. I have used a dictionary to find out key words and actual definitions of each emotion and I have then translated each emotion into French to see what each of them are:

P1030453This is also the start of trying to find out a name for the new range of scents.

Why Am I Here?

Why am I actually here? Why did I choose to come to Canterbury Christ Church University and study Graphic Design? Instead of jumping straight into a job say… In an office or a pet store, my dream job when I was a child! Why did I choose to take this path for the next chapter in my life?

I love being in education. I loved school, learning new things, meeting people and feeling of progression is wonderful.

I studied graphic design for my GCSE’s and loved every minute. We had to design and make a collection box for our chosen charity. My chosen charity was guide dogs for the blind. I designed the graphics and a logo for the charity box. I chose bright colours to make it eye catching and my unique design style was shown throughout my work.

I came top of the class with an A after the two years an this helped me to discover my passion for graphic design.

Sadly I could not carry Graphics on in 6th form for A levels, so i decided to carry on with the design subjects and tried Product design. For two years I finished my projects nearly two months earlier than everyone else! So with the time I had left I started to Create a logo and packaging for the two products that I had manufactured.

Even though I really enjoyed Product design, it came down to my true love and passion for graphic design.


So here I am today studying Graphic Design at Canterbury Christ Church University, In my second year specializing In what I like doing most.