Range Name: Passions

I have been thinking about how the perfume could be despensed from the bottle and decided to use the idea that it could be taken from the bottle with a pippett. This way it still keeps with the ‘scientific/chemical’ theme. The bottle would be glass with the logo etched on the front and a cork for the lid. I did order both the pippetts and the bottles to also be submitted witht he packages I have made however there has been a delay in posting and they have not arrived on time! Below are the sketches D&AD asked for:

Package design:


Bottle and dispenser design:




After working out the colours and symbols for the graphics I then worked on the logo. I decided to use the logo that was given to me by D&AD, and I added an oval with a black border round it eith the emotion in french written underneith in the colour that represented that emotion. I also included on the back a barcode and the ml of the perfume inside.

Logo: logoHere are my four packages. As stated previously I used a lazer cutter to cut out these packages so that they would all be the same shape and size.


I like to include tabs, tucks and slots of packages that I do so I decided to to do that for these packages. Now they can easily be assembled without any glue or tape. 534065_10151619646746419_255810006_n

A perfect Sublime Love: 20130503_125303

For the joining of the symbols like a scientific symbol, I used black and white string that would stand out. My idea was to create something that stood out on the shelves. Where most perfume packages are flat or have embossed graphics, I wanted to use sticky foam pads to  raise the graphics from the package.


Passion and Desire:  20130503_125337


Elegant and Dignified: 20130503_125318


Fear and Excitement:   20130503_125401 20130503_125356

My four packages ready for submission:


The back of the packages:20130503_133634 20130503_133644



After seeing the adrenaline symbold I decided to create my own symbols for each emotion that will be displayed on the packages:


I want my symbols to be in circles so that it would be easier to join them together.

For the adrenaline symbol, I found a circle symbol that had an ‘A’ and a heart monitor going through it. I quite liked this idea however because I did not come up with it I do not want to take it. I then started thinking of what you can do that gets adrenaline going, I thought of roller coasters and therefore used an image of a circular roller coaster as the symbol. For Passion and desire I used lips, for elegant and dignified I used a white flower and for a perfect sublime love I used a love heart. The symbols together with the colour for each of the packages works really well and I think that it gets the message across for what the emotion is.

Net design

I decided to try and cut out the 4 packages with a ruler and craft knife which left me with 4 rather unusual packages that did not all look the same! I am currently doing work experience at my old secondary school and they have allowed me to used 2D design tools and the lazer cutter so that every net will be the same and then the packages will all be the same size etc. Here is a screen shot of the net in 2D design tools. The red lines are to indicate to the lazer cutter that they are cut lines and the blue are fold lines. net

Here are my four packages:





The laser cutter proved to be very helpful, the 4 packages are all the same shape and size and look much better. I wanted these packages to be easily assembled so i decided to include a tuck and slot rather than a glue tab. This way the packages can be flattened with ease if necessary:



Now all I need to do is print off the symbols and the logos and attach them onto the packages! In the brief It has asked me to break the rules of conventional perfume packaging. To do this I am bringing in what I like to do which is manmade items such as greeting cards, invitations, book binding etc and I am going to have a 3D front to my perfume packaging.

Looking at colour

Today I have been looking at colour and symbols for the graphics of the packages. I have tried relating the colour of the symbols to the given emotions for each package. Kate has shown me this fantastic webite on colour which will back up my reasons for chosing each colour for each package.

I have chosen :

Red for passion

Yellow for adrenaline

Purple for perfect sublime love


White for elegant and dignified




I have decided to produce 4 packages of the same size and shapethat can be flat packed. I want to use black card for the packages. From my research into existing unisex perfume packaging, I discovered that darker coloured packaging sells well to both men and women.

I went to Hobby Craft and looked at their card but it all seemed too thin. I then realised that the thicjness of the card was not thick enough and they did not do anything higher than 200gsm. Card weight is given as gsm, which stands for grams per square metre. The number in front of the gsm tells you how heavy a square metre of the card would be. For example, if you cut a square metre of 240 gsm card and laid it on the scales, it would weigh 240g. The bigger the number, the heavier (and therefore thicker) the card. I went home that night and ordered black A3 card with 300gsm.I think that this will be sturdy enough when the final packages have been put together.

About L’Artisan Parfumer

L’Artisan Parfumer is a French niche perfume house, established in 1976 by Jean Laporte.

L’Artisan Parfumer is based in Paris, but now has outlets worldwide.

It specialises in unsual fragrances, working with master perfumes such as Michael Almairac, Evelyne Boulanger, Bertrand Duchaufour, Jean-Claude Ellena, Olivia Giabobetti and Anne Flipo. The emphasis is on scents from nature.

Many of their creations are soliflores (Verte Violette) or unexpected combinations which evoke moods or places.

ARTISAN = a person skilled in an applied art; a crafts person.

l’Artisan Parfumer logo:

logo_01Existing Packaging for L’Artisan Parfumer products:

After researching the existing packaging for this brand I noticed that they actually all have the same design in common. They all have a strip down the middle of the box with the logo and name of the scent. Each strip is a different colour to the other scents to allow consumers to know which ones are different.





Sometimes the strips may have a small patern at the top, it does not stand out as the main feature, it simply blends into the background slightly. This pattern could be flowers or even a few swirls.

There is no particular size for a L’Artisan Parfumer bottle, as there are different ml like other perfumes. For this project I am going to simply design 4 packages all the same size for a 50 ml perfume bottle.

For this project I will be using a thin card to make the packaging. I find this material easy to work with. For the mock ups I will use pastels to colour the net. I will then use mount spray to stick the graphics to the packaging. When I am happy with 4 final designs, I am going to design the graphics on photoshop and will print straight onto the card. I will use a creasing tool to crease the fold lines so when it is put together by the judges at D&AD they will not have any difficulties.