For this project I decided to work in a group with 10 other people to produce a book. We decided the theme would be ‘Why I hate to love design’. I was really happy with the name of the publication and already I started getting ideas and quotes in my mind to work on. The quotes I worked on were:

The variety of colour can make choosing the right one challenging

The work of others inspires me to do something truly amazing


I like buying new design materials however there is always a budget limitation.

I quite liked working within a group, if I was unsure on an idea that I had I could always rely on my peers to give me feedback and suggestions.

In the production I was part of the team that looked at the size of the book which would really show our work off well. We discussed sizes and then I made mock ups of the size using paper so we could get an idea of the size, what would be easy to hold, what margins would work well and the overall expectation of the book. We agreed to go for a larger size however due to cost reasons we had to make the book and margins smaller to keep the cost low.

Quite recently I have become very interested in handmade book binding and therefore this production has really helped me to understand what needs to be considered when printing the pages. For example if one page needs to come out of an A4 or bigger piece of paper then the cost will be more expensive. It also come to my attention that if you make a book which is a one off and only have a couple of copies, It actually works out much more expensive that what it does if you were to buy 100 or more copies.

Over the easter holidays it was quite difficult to keep in contact and get feedback from peers on ideas etc so we created the Contemporary Graphic Design Facebook page where we uploaded our work and was able to keep in contact with everyone. This worked really well as the notifications came through to my phone and therefore I kept up to date with everyone and with all the work being produced.


I am really excited to pick up my copies tomorrow we all worked really hard to complete the work and to get the book sent off to the printers. Thank you to everyone who contributed, either with work or the cost of the publication.


SWOT Analysis

What is a SWOT analysis?

  • Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others
  • Weaknesses: are characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others
  • Opportunities: elements that the project could exploit to its advantage
  • Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project


In this project, I decided to work with 10 other people as a group and we decided to make a book on why we hate to love design. The strengths of working in a group rather than on a project on my own, was the feedback I was able to receive from my peers on my ideas of spreads to go in the book. We were able to throw ideas around which gave others inspiration for another idea and therefore we were able to come up with quotes and relevant work that supported the idea and the book well. We all kept in contact over Facebook which was really handy, this allowed us to communicate quickly and efficiently when needed.

The weaknesses of working in a group on the book was time management, not living locally I found it difficult to always be at the meetings as they were not in uni hours and due to work I was unable to make some of the meetings. Even though Facebook is a quick way to communicate with everyone it was not always easy to understand whether or not we were actually meeting on certain days.

The easter break made it difficult to receive feedback therefore the whole gathering of final work and putting it together was slow.

When I looked over the brief and saw the option to work with a group of talented people, I was delighted that it would enable me to develop my skills in working in a group. This opportunity will look good on my CV for future jobs.

Personally I think that my ideas are not as strong as others in the production, however they represent me and what I like to do so to me they work well in the book.