Handmade Things

Since finishing uni in May I have decided to start my own little ‘business’ making greeting cards, books and invitations for friends and family.

My first order was for a friend who wanted a guestbook for her 21st birthday party.  The theme was festivals so I downloaded a free brush for photoshop of a crowd and used it at the bottom of the topper.

2013-05-20 21.04.10

2013-05-20 21.04.34

This is my way of packaging all handmade things for my customers, it includes ribbon and a bow that says handmade, a small hand with handmade engraved and one of my business cards.

2013-05-20 21.54.44

After my fantastic holiday to New Zealand inMay I decided to print off all my pictures and make a scrapbook, I am using the Urban Traveller collection from Simple Stories. Here is a sneaky preview:

2013-06-27 22.50.52

2013-06-27 22.51.20

2013-06-27 22.51.33

2013-06-27 22.51.45

2013-06-27 22.52.02

2013-06-27 22.52.31

2013-06-27 22.52.53

2013-06-27 22.53.19

This was a book I made to show potential customers what I can make.
2013-06-29 16.14.39

2013-06-29 16.15.15

Wedding cards/could be used for invitations??2013-07-01 11.52.20

2013-07-01 11.52.27

2013-07-01 11.54.10

2013-07-01 11.54.16

2013-07-01 12.29.57

2013-07-01 12.30.03

A couple of weeks ago my dad told me that for his wedding anniversary, he and my mum bought each other a ring, it didn’t come in a box which was strange so I decided to make them a box each to give to each other. Sweet ay!2013-07-01 15.22.46

2013-07-01 15.40.31

For another customer, a summer book to keep those all important summer memories together!20130709_130358

Dads xmas present, a typography piece with all the places and numbers relevant to his time in the Air Force! Swale-20121218-01710

Books do not have to be square or rectangle, how about a circle? could be used for photographs or secret notes!Swale-20130319-01809


My little collection of books!Swale-20130321-01820



The Star book!Swale-20130322-01827


For my dear friend, Swale-20130330-01835

Swale-20130330-01836 Swale-20130330-01837