After working out the colours and symbols for the graphics I then worked on the logo. I decided to use the logo that was given to me by D&AD, and I added an oval with a black border round it eith the emotion in french written underneith in the colour that represented that emotion. I also included on the back a barcode and the ml of the perfume inside.

Logo: logoHere are my four packages. As stated previously I used a lazer cutter to cut out these packages so that they would all be the same shape and size.


I like to include tabs, tucks and slots of packages that I do so I decided to to do that for these packages. Now they can easily be assembled without any glue or tape. 534065_10151619646746419_255810006_n

A perfect Sublime Love: 20130503_125303

For the joining of the symbols like a scientific symbol, I used black and white string that would stand out. My idea was to create something that stood out on the shelves. Where most perfume packages are flat or have embossed graphics, I wanted to use sticky foam pads to  raise the graphics from the package.


Passion and Desire:  20130503_125337


Elegant and Dignified: 20130503_125318


Fear and Excitement:   20130503_125401 20130503_125356

My four packages ready for submission:


The back of the packages:20130503_133634 20130503_133644



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