Net design

I decided to try and cut out the 4 packages with a ruler and craft knife which left me with 4 rather unusual packages that did not all look the same! I am currently doing work experience at my old secondary school and they have allowed me to used 2D design tools and the lazer cutter so that every net will be the same and then the packages will all be the same size etc. Here is a screen shot of the net in 2D design tools. The red lines are to indicate to the lazer cutter that they are cut lines and the blue are fold lines. net

Here are my four packages:





The laser cutter proved to be very helpful, the 4 packages are all the same shape and size and look much better. I wanted these packages to be easily assembled so i decided to include a tuck and slot rather than a glue tab. This way the packages can be flattened with ease if necessary:



Now all I need to do is print off the symbols and the logos and attach them onto the packages! In the brief It has asked me to break the rules of conventional perfume packaging. To do this I am bringing in what I like to do which is manmade items such as greeting cards, invitations, book binding etc and I am going to have a 3D front to my perfume packaging.


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