I have decided to produce 4 packages of the same size and shapethat can be flat packed. I want to use black card for the packages. From my research into existing unisex perfume packaging, I discovered that darker coloured packaging sells well to both men and women.

I went to Hobby Craft and looked at their card but it all seemed too thin. I then realised that the thicjness of the card was not thick enough and they did not do anything higher than 200gsm. Card weight is given as gsm, which stands for grams per square metre. The number in front of the gsm tells you how heavy a square metre of the card would be. For example, if you cut a square metre of 240 gsm card and laid it on the scales, it would weigh 240g. The bigger the number, the heavier (and therefore thicker) the card. I went home that night and ordered black A3 card with 300gsm.I think that this will be sturdy enough when the final packages have been put together.


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