I moustache for your opinion on my tash book!

Okay so If you have had a look at my presentation (which went really well), you will know that I am producing a book of 6 projects for students to go alongside my teaching course next year. The first brief that I am working on is the ‘make your own book on a topic of your choice’. After the book binding lecture the other week, I added covers to the concertina book and wrapped it in this really cool brown paper with black moustaches on it! I then decided to do my book on moustaches. This book is going to be my example to show the kids the final outcome of the project. Here are some pictures of my little book:


I think the pop out effect of the pages is interesting and really draws people to have a look. Just by opening this book with nothing in it I have had people come up to me and ask me how its made, what it is for and all kinds of things! 482457_10151529201546419_501945145_n

So that it is clear which is the front of the book etc I cut out the same tash on the front of the book from the roll of paper left over and I added it to the front to make it stand out more. 525369_10151529202296419_1027692373_n

For the contents of the book I have recreated some images that I have seen before and I have made them my own:


keep calm and tash\

know before you grow

le and la Moustache


moustaches on strings


i'll shave it for later

So the next part of this project is to put the contents in my book and I have some ideas for photographs that I want to include.


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