Reply from Clintons and ITV!

This is the reply from Clintons:

Good Morning Chelsea,


Thank you for your email below. Back in May 2012 Clinton Cards plc went into administration. Some of that business was then bought by American Greetings, and a new business – AG Retail Cards Limited – was formed, now trading as ‘Clintons’.


Our new owners are investing in Clintons to ensure its longevity and future presence on the high street. It is our belief that through rebranding and refurbishing our stores, we can re-engage with our customers, bringing a modern & sophisticated look and feel to card and gift retailing in the UK.


Our CEO has put forward plans and processes so that we can achieve our full potential as a business by offering not only a great service but to help our customers celebrate each moment in life. Our customers appear to be responding kindly to our new look and new products, providing some great feedback in order to help us build a brand that suits their needs


Schurman Retail Group in the US now manage the business and there are some synergies between their existing high street presence in America and what we are aiming for here. Should you wish to find our more information about them, please visit their Papyrus site here:


Kind regards,

And this is the reply from ITV:

Dear Chelsea


Thank you for your email.


Unfortunately due to lack of resources we are unable to respond to your enquiry/request. The only information available would be accessible on our website. I am sorry for any disappointment.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us here at ITV.


Kind regards


Unfortunatly they were not able to give me ny information, however I went on their website (link above in email) and I found the video that I posted on here yesterday and I managed to get some good information to help me from that.


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