About L’Artisan Parfumer

L’Artisan Parfumer is a French niche perfume house, established in 1976 by Jean Laporte.

L’Artisan Parfumer is based in Paris, but now has outlets worldwide.

It specialises in unsual fragrances, working with master perfumes such as Michael Almairac, Evelyne Boulanger, Bertrand Duchaufour, Jean-Claude Ellena, Olivia Giabobetti and Anne Flipo. The emphasis is on scents from nature.

Many of their creations are soliflores (Verte Violette) or unexpected combinations which evoke moods or places.

ARTISAN = a person skilled in an applied art; a crafts person.

l’Artisan Parfumer logo:

logo_01Existing Packaging for L’Artisan Parfumer products:

After researching the existing packaging for this brand I noticed that they actually all have the same design in common. They all have a strip down the middle of the box with the logo and name of the scent. Each strip is a different colour to the other scents to allow consumers to know which ones are different.





Sometimes the strips may have a small patern at the top, it does not stand out as the main feature, it simply blends into the background slightly. This pattern could be flowers or even a few swirls.

There is no particular size for a L’Artisan Parfumer bottle, as there are different ml like other perfumes. For this project I am going to simply design 4 packages all the same size for a 50 ml perfume bottle.

For this project I will be using a thin card to make the packaging. I find this material easy to work with. For the mock ups I will use pastels to colour the net. I will then use mount spray to stick the graphics to the packaging. When I am happy with 4 final designs, I am going to design the graphics on photoshop and will print straight onto the card. I will use a creasing tool to crease the fold lines so when it is put together by the judges at D&AD they will not have any difficulties.


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