After looking at the different scents that make up this new range for L’Artisan Parfumer, I decided to go into Boots in Canterbury where they have a large perfume section. I went on a busy Saturday afternoon after work so was unsure if they would be able to help me. To my surprise a sales assistant was happy to help and showed me what I wanted to see. Unfortunatly I was unable to take photographs of the different products she showed me and I didnt want to take up more of her time trying testers so instead I took descriptive notes and the results are as follows:

I asked the sales assistant to show me the Prada perfume. I noticed that actually the packaging was all very similar in the way that the logo was not centred it was always slightly to one side (Mostly the right). It still looked very elegant, classic and was still quite simple. I quickly found some images online to show you what I mean:imagesCAIFWA82


The perfume bottles above both have the logo in the centre of the bottle. On the packaging however the logo is slightly off balance and is on the right. This simple movement on the packaging is elegant and it works well within the design. I really like the second packaging, the graphics are lovely and even though the flowers are a darker pink than the logo, its actually the logo that stands out. This allows consumers to see the brand before they see the fragrance and other graphics.



Even on their advertisements and in magazines, Prada has their logo slightly off balance again. On the second image its slightly to the right rather than the left. This logo works well either side being off balance. It is simple yet effective.

I then asked the sales assistant to show me a perfume that represents each new scent for the new range. This is what she showed me:

Passion and Desire?
Miss Dior – Eau De Toilette

38741-miss-dior-cherie-by-christian-dior-eau-de-toiletteThe sales assistant showed me this perfume to represent Passion and Desire. Personally I do not see this I think this would  more suit Elegant and Dignified. However when you look at the advertisement for this perfume I understand why she thought of this particular one:


In this advert the model shows passion and definatly desire. On the packaging the graphics and logo are all in the correct places, centred and this helps make the packaging look more elegant.

A Perfect, Sublime Love?

For this one, the sales assistant showed my Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ Perfume:


Daisy by Marc Jacobs looks perfect and pretty, almost as if it were innocent. I quite agree with the sales assistant I thin the bottle as well as the packaging and graphics represent the emotions well. Whilst searching for an image to show you what one she showed me I came across the same scent in ddifferent colours, other ‘editions’ that Marc designed:


This is how the four different fragrances are set out. I wanted to show off this image because I thinkt hat it would be quite a nice idea to show the different scents for L’Artisan Parfumer In a way like this that is simple and effective.

Daisy-Marc-Jacobs_50ml_EdTI quite like the package above, I think the boarder of the daisys around the name and info Is again simple but effective. Even by seeing this boarder the consumer will know that it is a perfume by Marc Jacobs called Daisy, without seeing the text.  daisy-garland


Dot is a really lovely perfume and the bottle is amazing! Focusing primarily on the packaging however, it is quite detailed. Again Mr Jacobs has a package that even without the text the consumers can tell it is a MArc Jacobs product and it is the new Dot perfume. The butterfly is featured on the bottle so relating the bottle to the packaging can also be an easier way to get packaging noticed. Say someone saw the bottle at a friends house and then saw the packaging in the shops they would automatically realise the connection and this may draw them in to have a look.  $(KGrHqRHJFEFCcK,WTQFBQvMHFiRMw~~60_35

Sometimes on packaging there is also an image of the bottle. I think that if the bottle is very interesting like Dot then this would be a good idea however if there is nothing entirely interesting about the bottle then it may not be worth having the image on the packaging as well.  11_24_12_mjdot_1

Such an AMAZING bottle!  lola-by-marc-jacobsEven Lola by Marc Jacobs is a lovely bottle, the lid (which is the flower) is featured on the packaging, as a flat flower however in real life its much more than that.  This design is simple but effective and again if a consumer did not read any text they would know that this would be a Marc Jacobs product.

Whilst finding images of Marc Jacob perfume I came across this company, Structural Graphics. They produced just over 1,000 media kits for fragrance maker Coty, to promote a limited edition of Marc Jacob’s new fragrance, Daisy. The inside of this media kit contained a cube that immediately popped up when the mailer was opened. A tiny magnet was used on the inside of the mailer to keep it closed. These were shrunk-wrapped and shipped by Structural Graphics to Coty locations around the world.

DaisyMarcJabobsThe link below is a tutorial on youtube on how to use the packaging! I have requested samples from this company and have also emailed them explaining what it is I am doing so hopefully they will be able to send me some amazing samples!

Excitement and Fear or Adrenaline?
Now I picked out this perfume because when I saw it I knew straight away it fitted the description perfectly!

Pacorabanne – Black XS:

568_Paco-Rabanne-Black-Xs--femmePersonally I find this packaging quite scary, Its dark with a hint of colour relating to the target audience for example pink for the womans perfume above.  I think these packages represrnt fear quite well.imagesCATWZUSOEd Hardy – Life, Love, Luck:

0009492219019_500X500Hearts and Daggers represents adrenaline I think because even though it is dark and fearful, It can still represent adrenaline bedcause of the colours and grapgics slightly hidden within the boarders and logo. 0071934658247_A

Elegant and Dignified?
Elie Saab:


I think that this does look quite elegant however I still feel that Miss Dior suits this emotion better. This packaging is simple and lovely. img_5719

Chanel No 5:

cn5hm1Now Chanel No 5 is the last perfume that the sales assistant pointed out, however looking at it now I would say I disagree. She said that because this packaging is not bold, it is quite simple it actually sells itself well because of the brand that everyone knows.

Last but not least I asked the sales Assistant to show me their ‘Range’ of unisex perfumes, they only had one! CK One, she said thay even though it was in the mens section, Men still felt uncomfortable about wearing the scent in case they smelt like a female!

I found the above image and really like the compass use onthe packaging and I wanted to research into this product further.

This is called Molton Brown and it is designed by Lunu, It is a unisex fragrance. Again I found a link to a shop online that sold this product. This product only had 5 reviews however the majority of them were from males.  On the website it states the benefits of this product:

‘Opulent. Intoxicating. Sensual: Iunu immerses you in the ancient power of
perfume with a complex blend including ginger, black pepper and Egyptian jasmine
absolute (our precious find).

In our Navigations Through Scent collection
we select the highest quality ingredients from around the world for intensity,
longevity and personality. Blended by our award winning Principal Pefumer, Jennifer
these are unisex scents which signal a return to how fine fragrance
should be.’

The description:

‘Price: £65.00
London via Egypt May Contain Magic. A long lost legend from Heliopolis, the lost City of the Sun. Sultry nights, steeped in jasmine. The hazy heat of a Delta dawn. Warm. Slightly dark. Sublime. The way we blend it A top note of ginger oil and elemi oil Middle notes of Egyptian jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and black pepper A base of patchouli oil and oakmoss’

And the reviews are as follows:

‘Lovely smell, not over powering, wife likes it on husband, lasts all day making him feel special, top of the range, seductively mysterious, opulent smell which is surprisingly versatile, recieved a number of compliments – especially from femailes, it purrs charisma and its presentation deserves a mention, deep dark fragrance, sensual smell and I love it!’

Over all this product was more interesting and popular than CK One, the reviews were better and the over all products lasted longer. I also think that the design of the packaging also helps to contribute to this decision.

Whilst walking through House of Fraser the other day, I came across this new female fragrance that is out:
guerlain la petite robe noire perfume

 It is called La Petite Robe Noire Eau De Parfum. I also saw this advertised in boots and I instantly fell in love with the whole advertisement for this new fragrance! It girls and classic its just beautiful so I had to show you some poctures however I do plan to get a sneaky picture of it all in boots!
About: ‘Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum 30ml. Like the cut of a dress, my fragrance is shaped with all of Guerlains finesse. Its simple signature enhances and romances several exceptional materials in a bold overdose. Black cherry blinks the first wink. It is illustrated by a clever blend that extends exquisite almond and delicious berries. The second wink takes place as rose enters the stage. Finally, the shadowy temptations of licorice and smoky black tea reveal more of me and lead to irresistible seduction. For the ultimate temptation, the entire creation is wrapped in Guerlinade. Fresh, enigmatic and exhilarating. Mischievous and captivating. I am the warm spark beneath the sweetness.

  • Spray applicator
  • Floral/ fruity scent
  • Eau de parfum’

Even though this is a new perfume there has already been 1 review on the House of Fraser website. The customer loved the product! She said it is a new favourite of hers, a gorgeous scent , rich and sophisticated, there is alot of depth to it, warm, sweet cherry scent at the heart of it, perfect for summer or winter, day or night!’

I must say I do totally agree with this customer, I too tried this new fragrance on a tester the other day in House of Fraser and its already on my christmas list! However, the tester was not your average tester such as a card with the logo and fragrance name on it, or a stick made of thin card, it was a piece of material that was made to look like the lable from the dress on the packaging and the bottle!


It has been 2 days since I sprayed the perfume on this tag and it has been in my purse ever since, the smell is still on the tag rather than my purse! This is such a fantastic way to test perfume, it also gives the customer a clear understanding on how long the scent would last if sprayed onto clothes. Also by having the name and logo on the tester, it is easier to know which one is which where as if you had 3 different strips of thin card with perfume sprayed on them, sometimes if you do not write on them then you forget which one is which! The only fact that may need to be looked into is does the perfume smell different on the fabric than it does on skin?

P1030452I really like the advertisement for this perfume the illastrations are brilliant!

I just wanted to show you the image below, I love this bag, so classy and elegant like the perfume! This is what the perfume comes in when you purchase it, a chunky pink bow to match the pink writing on the black bag. BEAUTIFUL!

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