The Scent of Departure

After telling Kate what it is that I am up to, she reccomended I had a look at a new range of perfumes that are currently new in the market. The name of the new range is ‘Scent of departure’. Their aim was to create a product that could be a collectable item which is dedicated to bring back home one’s unforgetable trip. These products can be souvenires aswell as perfumes and are also a scent of departure which is the essence of a city in a bottle. Each packaging is designed to look like a luggage tag. Even though the short hand place names are not all correct, the public still get a good idea of what place each package is represemting. On the ‘luggage tag’, an image is used to also represent that place, almost like its trademark. For example Miami, has a flamingo, London Heathrow has a crown, Tokyo has blossom and New York has the statue of liberty. The graphics on the bottle is the actual ‘bar code’ that would normally appear on a luggage tag. This packaging is transparent which allows you to see the product clearly inside. The packaging also has different colours to represent each place.




Also from her blog, Kate showed me the new Pizza Hut smell. Pizza Hut asked its consumers to come up with a name for the small of pizza. Before they knew it, they designed and made 100 perfumes and gave them out to 100 people on their facebook page.



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