Starting again!

After researching and starting ideas for the Ted Baker brief I discovered that actually I was doing a brief from last year and not a new one for 2013! I have now decided to work on the L’Artisan Parfumer brief for this project.

I have to re-envisage the brand for the 21st Century by creating a design solution for a new unisex range of scents.

The four scents that each capture a human feeling are:

– Passion and desire. Sex and lust. Raw and physical

– Perfect, sublime love. An interior emotion

– Excitement and fear. Adrenaline, exhilaration and thrill

– Elegant and dignified. Stormy yet still

I have to show case this new range by breaking the rules of conventional perfume packaging.

The next important steps for the brand are:

– To modernise the brand

– To take on a more innovative approach to packaging

I must ensure that my design takes the quality into consideration, the craftsmanship authenticity that L’Artisan Parfumer is known for.

I must also consider how to balance the look and feel of the range with a variety of emotions, how can the packaging evolve the brand and is a range name needed?


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