ITV1 – ITV rebrand in 2013

After receiving my feedback from my essay (first half of my dissertation), it was suggested that i needed to look into more rebrands as I was running out of things to say in my essay. It quite handy actually that ITV had a rebrand on 14th january this year! I have just sent an email to ITV asking more questions about their rebrand. Another business that is quite well known is the card shop clintons. ITV has been very open about their rebrand on TV and on radio however the actual reason why clintons have had a rebrand is not necessarily as clear. I have also decided to drop them an email to find out more for my dissertation.

ITV rebrand:

The old ITV1 logo:



The new ITV logo:



Clintons rebrand:

The old Clintons logo:



And the new Clintons logo:



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