MPP Brief

A lot has changed for this project recently! Firstly I am going to be attending a PGCE course next year as I want to become a Design Technology teacher. I have been very lucky to have been accepted onto this course. I wanted to create a  project that I could show to my mentors and future colleagues that would show them I can produce a project for students in a classroom. I thought of  a packaging project where students would have to package their emotions. I think that this is quite a unique project and wanted to give it a go. After trying very hard to explain my idea to my peers at Uni It became clear that this project was going to be difficult because I found it difficult to explain. Students were to package different emotions, designing the packaging and then the graphics. Feedback showed that some students in year 7 for example may find this a tough project and therefore might not react well in lessons. I then spoke to MAry about this and decided to then make a portfolio of mini projects. This way if one project does not work I have others to fall back on and It will also show my mentors for next year that I can come up with a range of projects rather than just the one.

Whilst doing work experience at the school where I will be on placement next year, they suggested that I do their projects for years 7 – 11 so I have a better understanding of the projects when I come to teach them next year. I have decided then for my MPP I am going to include 5 of these projects and an evaluation discussing what I think went well and what I think could be improved. This research will help me to design 5 fantastic projects of my own that will work really well.

Here is my brief below:



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