Final Desicions

After researching into the different briefs I have decided to do the Ted Baker one. I particularly like this as I am into fashion, I love Ted Baker products and therefore think that this will be a good one for me.

I have to design a new range of packaging for Ted Baker’s merchandise. The development of my design will focus on minimising environmental impact and maximising the sustainable credentials of the packaging, from materials through to application.


Ted Baker is one of the leading and fastest growing lifestyle brands in the UK. Its collectionshave expanded rapidly since its beginnings as a Menswear brand in Glasgow in 1987. Today Ted Baker offers a wide range of collections including formal and casual menswear, womenswear,accessories, childrenswear, fragrance, footwear, eyewear and watches.

After signing three new territorial license agreements in 2006, Ted Baker has opened stores and concessions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong with more planned for the remainder of 2007, including debut stores opening in Ireland and Australia. Ted Baker is also present in leading department stores across the world.

Brand values
Ted Baker has a mission to build a successful company through the creation of a leading global designer brand, by conducting itself in an efficient and courteous manner and by maintaining Ted’s high standards and integrity.

Ted Baker prides itself on satisfying the needs of its customers. In order to protect the ethos and persona for which it has gained an enviable reputation, it constantly challenges all employees with the question ‘would Ted do it that way?’


Ted Baker


Ted Baker

Tone of voice

• It is vital that designs do not become a platform to communicate the packaging’s environmental credentials (i.e. deliver a great looking range with a ‘hidden’ approach to reducing environmental impact and avoid ‘banner waving’ about it)
• Capture the essence of Ted Baker’s brand values
• Fresh and customer-friendly; designs sympathetic to the brand without compromising or changing it or its customers

Target audience

The core audience is 25-35 but Ted Baker has the feeling of a lifestyle brand for everyone.

Mandatory requirements

• Research packaging usage within and possibly beyond Ted Baker’s range of products, then create designs suitable for both in-store and online services
• Final presentations must include details of your design’s environmental credentials

Further information





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