When does rebranding take place?

Rebranding takes place when a business decides to change an element of the current brand identity. This could be a subtle or noticeable change to the name or logo. Reasons for a rebrand may vary, for example a business might decide to change or develop their identity to promote a new line or product, or when sales start to fall and they feel slightly dated. A rebrand is a good way to escalate sales and to also appeal to a new or wider audience. Other reasons could be when two or more businesses merge together, for legal issues or competitive influences. It is important to rebrand to keep on top of competitors and to also keep bringing in new and existing customers. A rebrand does not have to be something that has been developed, for example an existing name or logo that still looks like the old design. It could be a change or name and logo and designed to look completely different to the old identity. A change like this can be good for a business, especially if they are loosing sales or becoming dated. However, should a business change their identity and are then no longer recognisable, they may then risk the chance of losing current and loyal customers.



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