What do brands do?

Brands are designed to draw in consumers; however some brands may fail causing sales to decrease and the business to be unsuccessful. Possible reasons for a brand failure could be because it may drift from the values or the promise to the consumers, or it may be due to the products that do not support the brand and its values. A more likely reason could be because a brand failed to create an emotional connection with its consumers. If a brand does not deliver its promise to the consumers’ expectations, then it will not build a bond with its consumers and in return will not receive customer loyalty, which can also help improve the growth of the business. The business can rely on consumers to inform others of the products or service they received. Word of mouth also plays an important part in a businesses growth. If a customer has a good experience when shopping, there are more likely to revisit that same place to purchase items than find another store that is similar and sells similar products. Having a brand will distinguish business from others alike. It communicates the company’s values, message, promise and character of the business. Having a good brand will create recognition with the consumers; they will see the brand before any other brand that is not as well-known. Consumers will have certain expectations from a well-known brand and will therefore choose this over another brand. They may have particular associations or feelings about the business or product because of the brand. By building customer loyalty with the consumers, they then know that they can trust the brand and are more likely to revisit and make another purchase in the future. With customer loyalty and a recognisable brand it is also easier for a business to introduce a new product or service. Consumers know the brand is reliable and will therefore be more willing to try out any new product.



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