New project ideas

After a tutorial with Mary and explaining my quilling idea, we came to the conclusion that actually it would not help me in any way in my career when I graduate. Mary asked me some questions for example, what do I want to do when I graduate (teach Design Technology), why? I really enjoyed learning DT at school and want to teach it to others to not only develop my knowledge on the sunject but to also teach others and help them enjoy it as much as I did. My aim is to teach at my old secondary school where my passion for design started. Mary then asked me about the projects we did in DT. The first one we done was a packaging project. It was then suggested that I did my major practicle project on packaging.

I struggled to find something to package that also had a meaning behind it so I looked up packaging briefs on the D&AD website and found these 4 briefs. I am going to pick one that I think will be quite good to do.


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