CV ideas for design jobs

Here are some examples of creative CVs that I like for design jobs:

In this design I quite like the way it is set out. I like the way the logo and info about the person is behind a margin.


Again in this idea there is a margin, however I prefer the design above.


In this design I like the way the use of the colour blue has been used to highlight headings and subheadings. I also quite like the timeline that is used to show experience.


In this idea I like the use of colour and the way the text is laid out, however I feel the empty space could be used to enter more info or an image.


I think this idea looks like a menu, however I do quite like the image of the flowers. If I were to include an image in my CV It would have to relate either to the job I am applying for or to something I have written about myself.


I thought this CV was quite funny with the little scribbles such as ‘get in touch’, ‘home address’ etc. I also quite like the name in big capital letters as it stands out more.





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