Whilst looking for ideas and inspiration for my practical project I came across this website and was inspired by ideas 10 and 12.

Idea 12 is what gave me the idea to create something 3D and to create wall art.

Idea 10 is simple and it reminds me of quilling. Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of peer that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is wound around a quill to create a basic coil shape. The paper is then glued at the tip and these shaped coils are arranged to form 3D flowers, leaves, and various ornamental patterns similar to ironwork.

When I used to make greeting cards I used to include quilling in some of my designs, so I have basic knowledge in how to produce designs and how to use the tool needed.

For my project I did not want to simply design and make various greeting cards with quilling on the front. I thought it would be interesting to work bigger and use quilling for wall art. I want to create something that reflects me and what I am like. For example I am girly and like flowers and butterflies.

Whilst explaining my idea to a friend she showed me a website that she thought would give me inspiration and that had art work that she thought looked like quilling, and in actual fact it is quilling used!

Indulgy is an online and mobile service that allows users to create, view and follow visual collections through the Site and Mobile Application. After you have created an account to become a member, you can use the Services to create, view and follow visual collections. In order to create a visual collection, you can upload images from your computer, and/or install and use the “” browser plugin, by following the instructions provided on the “Add” section of the Site. You can also add images that were collected by other users to one of your collections by simply clicking the “Collect” button that appears when you hover over an image on the Site. indulgy allows you to  rearrange the presentation order of your collections, drag and drop images between collections, collect one image to multiple collections, collect multiple images from one page, move your images and collections to different services, and move your images and collections from other services to

I had a look through all different collections and found the quilling that my friend showed me:

I really like these ideas and I am looking forward to starting my major practical project and really excited about getting back into quilling but this time working LARGE scale!!



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