My Ideas

I think the two Images using lots of different brushes has inspired me to do something similar.

I looked at examples of abstract work however I did not come across anything that really inspired me. I also looked at social realism and again this was a style that I would not be interested in producing work for, and therefore I may have struggled with this style. I had a quick look at urban images and thought that this could be a style that I could work with. However I also looked at fantasy and again, think that this could be something that I would enjoy doing. I would quite like to produce a photo composite in this style for my second piece.

I am defiantly going to develop my ideas that I have for the image with brushes. This would come under the style surreal, which is a style I would not normally go for however this idea has given me some ideas and inspired me to develop them. The technique I am going to use is mixed media. My ideas not only consist of free downloaded brushes, but also hand drawn and photographed images. I also want to include digital make up on this idea.

I wanted this Idea to represent myself and what I like. I have made notes and have decided I wanted the final images to have bright colours, and things like flowers, fairies, friends, , shows, swirly patterns…..etc.

For my second image I am going to create a fantasy piece and the technique I will use is photo composite. When I think fantasy, I think of fairies etc. I thought this would be a good idea, however i have included fairies etc in my last piece of work and I need to create something that I have not tried before and something that Is not my style. So I have decided to go for horror however still using the technique photo composite.


When I think or horror I think of Zombies, blood, scars etc. So I have decided to produce a Zombie image for my second image.

Here I have researched Zombie images (and things quite similar) from deviant art:

I really like the first two images even though they are sic-fi images. I think they are very interesting! I hope to produce something like this over the summer for experimenting!

In the Zombie image below I really like the eyes and even though I feel this image gives off a dark feeling I think its quite a good effect.

I think the image below is a bit scary! The eyes are freaky but I do like the darkness around her eyes and her darker lips.











background removal with hair



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