Image 2

For this second image I wanted to go for a horror, Zombie. I think I achieved this quite well as I have never done anything like this before and was not 100% sure on where I wanted to go with it so I looked at some tutorials on youtube and just had a play around really to see what I could come up with.

First of all I started with this image of a model. I chose this image because there was a lot of flesh that I could play around with and try to ‘Zombi-fy’.

At first I started following the tutorial on surreal psd and changed the colour of the model so she no longer looked totally human. I was not too sure on what I should have done with the eyes so I tried simply taking away the pupil etc and decided that looked too strange and to how I wanted it to look.

I then added an image of a rock wall for the texture on the zombie. I tried all different modes as shown below:

I decided that this one looked better and I took the opacity down o that it looked like it was actually her skin that had that texture.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with her eyes, I tried following a couple of tutorials on youtube however did not like the outcome (or the outcome never looked like what it should have done!) so I tried as best I could to make the eye white.

(but first this happened, and I decided it defiantly didn’t look right!)

I think this eye looks ok, I like the way the red eye is still visible through the white.

In the screen shot below, I have added darker features round her eyes and you can also see that I have added an image on her shoulder. I wanted to create large defects in her skin and really liked this image to do the job.

I slightly embossed the image and made the hole slightly darker to try and give it more depth.

I then tried adding a rust line to her lip however this really wasn’t  working so I scrapped this idea!

I found an image of a cracked corner of a wall and decided to shape it so it would show a crack on the side of my zombies mouth.

I changed the colour and darkened the cut. I also embossed the image to add a different effect. To be honest I think this looks grim but thats what I’m aiming for!

I then added an image on her hand.

I tried different shapes and sizes by skewing the image and transforming it.

In the end I decided to have the wound nearer to her arm . I blurred the edges and tried to blend it in with the skin.

I then tried adding some sort of injury to her forehead. The image below didn’t quite work…

So I embossed it the other way and I prefer this idea.

I showed this image to my family and their reaction wasn’t ‘oh thats good chels’, it was more… ‘OMG thats horrible!’ So I think I made an image that is defiantly not my style!

I decided to leave the background blank as I did not want anything to distract the viewers attention from the zombie. I did however dodge the corners to give it a different colour. I left the hair of the zombie as it already looks yellowy/grey and thats what I wanted to achieve.


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