Image 1

For my first image I looked at some free brushes to download for my piece. I wanted them to relate to things I like so they model I used was my best friend, I wanted her to take the image herself so I could get her shoulders and part of her arms in the image as well. Zoe is quite a photogenic person so it did not take us long to capture the image.

I was not too worried about the background at this point because I knew i would eventually use the quick selection tool to remove the background.

Below is an image of me I took on photbooth, I quickly tested out some of the brushes I already had on my Mac. It helped me realise I defiantly needed someone with darker hair for this image because it didn’t quite work on me!

with the image of Zoe I wanted to give her big dark eye make up and lashes. I drew eye lashes and scanned them in for this image. I also used (poster edges) as the texture over the whole image.

I tried smudging the lashes to see the effect it would give, however I didn’t think this looked very good as it made her lashes look very messy.

So I decided to duplicate the eyelashes and had them overlapping the original ones so that they looked fuller and darker. I took the saturation down on there lashes which also helped make them look darker. I also had to ‘Skew’ the lashes to make them curve over Zoes eyes and look more natural.


I was really pleased with the lashes.

I then wanted to make Zoes lips lighter, so I made them a nice light pink.

I was experimenting with the image below quite liked the pink eye it also left Zoe! I decided not to leave it like that however because It looked rather strange.

So I decided to turn her eyes blue. I think they look lovely with the light colour of her lips.

With a brush I had already downloaded I decided to add some more hair to Zoe for more images.

After going round the whole of her hair I then started applying some brushes:

I really liked how this image was going, there were lots of bright colours and I loved the swirly patterns used too.


I then drew and uploaded some very quick hand drawn images of flowers.


And I placed them in the image of Zoes hair.

Again I added more brushes of patterns, fairies, paw prints etc.


I was quite pleased with the final outcome, however I realised at the end I had not included any photographed images.

So here I have included them. I only added two because I felt the image was near enough complete and I didn’t want to over crowed it too much. I also added a dark swirl on Zoes neck so the small piece of hair there would not look as if it was totally random.

I am quite pleased witht he final image, It reflects me and what I like. This is defiantly a style that I like.



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