After re-reading the brief I had a look on DeviantArt and tried to find some inspiration. I looked at ‘Surreal’ images and found some really good stuff! For example:

I really like the image on the link above it is totally strange and different and that is the sort of thing I want to create, something different and strange which makes the viewer really study the image to understand whats going on.

Other examples of surreal images that I really liked on DeviantArt are the two images below, I emailed the artist and asked how did they do this? They came back and simply said, ‘a lot of brushes, change the image filter, change the colour mode’. I really like the images below and in a different module for an assignment I had to download some brushes like this so I think that this could be a really good idea for me to work on and develop. I really like the bright colours in these images and the random flowers and shapes used by different brushes.

I quite like the image below, again it is just like the link above, it is really strange and different. I think the sofa looks a bit strange and out of place, however maybe this was the idea the artist thought of? This image it simple but very effective I think for my images I would like a bit more going on.

Again this image is simple yet effective I really like the shadow on the floor. For my last DIM assignment in one of my images the shadows I included in my piece didn’t look particularly great so I think maybe I could include a shadow in an image for this assignment and see if I can actually get it right this time!


Whilst randomly looking through a magazine a while back, I saw a spread for Mulberry and their images were amazing and I really liked them. I couldn’t take pictures on my phone so I made a mental note and researched the images when I got in:

These images were photographed by Tim Walker at Brighton beach and along the pier. Giant Ice Cream cones, Candy rocks, wrappers, news papers and sugar candy colours were used as they are just some of the highlights of Mulberrys fun SS2012 campaign.

I really like these images, not only do i like to fashion side of the images but also the colours and objects used. They objects used also link with the surroundings and the area which gives the image a reason for its colours and items.




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