The New and Improved Magazine!

The day of hand in changed a lot about my magazine! For this assignment I was doing near enough every single page in a normal magazine. However what I didn’t understand was that I only really needed the main things asked for in the brief. If I were to print off and mount all of the things I had done then there would be double the amount of boards etc. I decided to change a lot today and firstly I started with my front covers:

When I looked back at the original three I did at the beginning of this assignment, I really did not like them. They were too plain and boring and were basically the same. I was trying to redesign Country Music People magazine so It would appeal to a younger female audience and I felt that my original cover ideas were not doing this very well.

I decided to look at some younger magazine front covers to give me some inspiration. I decided to stick to having pink writing for the text as it is girly and eye catching. I also decided to have a easily read font.

I quite liked this idea, the image is young and appeals to the younger generation, however I think the smaller text (info) should be a different colour so it could stand out from the rest of the text. I decided to chose black. I think it works quite well.

For this idea I decided to try and use blocks of colour to represent different parts in the magazine. I decided to go for black and white because it helps make the pink stand out more.

I do like this idea, however there is too much text and info in the bottom right hand corner and it does not make it very easy to read. I did struggle with how to lay out this idea so I decided that this was the best idea.

I was not entirely keen on the idea below, however I preferred the layout of the text, it is more spaced out and easier to read.

Here are my new three cover pages:

Here is my new contents pages, I wanted to keep them really simple so i included only a few images and text down half of a page.

For my reba article (long article) I wanted to over exaggerate the name to grab the readers attention when they are flicking through the magazine. I decided to chose a nice blue colour for the text to match the eyes in the image. I then used the blue throughout the article so it all looked the same and so the reader would be able to tell that one spread was part of the Reba article.

After the Reba article, I wanted to break up the article pages slightly so I added an advertisement page. I quite like this page it is simple yet it gets straight to the point, explaining what the artists new album is called and where it can be found.  Unfortunately I had to take this spread out of the final document for printing as they were not needed.

For my news feed I decided to keep it simple and included red for the titles. I broke up the text by adding images in the text. Even though there are only two images I feel that it still breaks up the text.

For the tour guide I really wanted to create some sort of calendar that could have been pulled out of the magazine or kept in the magazine and used as a diary. I tried making boxes for each event:

However I felt they did not work well and they were too big. _However I do like the way I put ‘Tour Guide’ on the one below!)

So I made them smaller and I still was not convinced they looked right.

So instead I added an arrow at the top to represent the way to go for the concerts and festivals etc, and I had the text in the colums in a neat order so they would be easily read and easy to follow.



I tried different sized arrows:

And thought the spread needed a boarder round the whole thing.

I thought it looked quite good above however I wanted to experiment further and included lines breaking up each column.

I then added arrows on the end of these lines to help break it up a bit.

I think this idea is better than my original one.

For my short article, again I wanted to make a statement with it so I made the title larger and used a bright colour throughout the article.

Even though I wanted to use images  in articles to break up text, I like the way in the spread below I have used text to break up a few images. I like the red quote that goes over three columns,  again it helps breaks up the text and grabs the readers attention when flicking through the magazine.

Again I wanted to break up the magazine so I produced another poster/leaflet advertising a concert for a young country music singer. I kept it simple so again the text can be easily understood and made sense.

At first I thought this idea would be best, however I wanted to use a younger image that would inspire younger females to go and see this country music singer.

However I was not really liking the poster I first produced so used a different image that I worked around. I used the clone tool in photoshop to colour in the background:


And then added all the text from the existing idea.

I thought that this looked quite good, however I had to take it out of my final submission for printing.

For CD Reviews and downloads, I wanted to again keep it simple so I have the review for each CD under its image within a column. I quite like what I did with the title and I decided to use a bright colour so again it was eye catching for the readers.


In the brief It asks what could be added to our magazines. I thought Fashion pages, dress like a country western. However I linked the idea to a well known shop. I used more images with small boxes containing info such as the shop and price of each item.

Again for printing purposes i did not include this in my final submission.


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