Loyalty Cards/appointment cards

Most business these days have loyalty cards, It is normally a plastic or paper card, similar size and shape to a credit or debit card, it identifies the card holder as a member. Once the member has either spent a certain amount or made purchases a certain number of times they are then entitled to a free gift, discount or extra points that can be used for another purchase. Some cards have a barcode or magstripe that can easily be scanned and some cards may even contain a chip. Cards are even made smaller and can come in key rings, for example my tesco and nectar club card:

Below are images of my Nandos, Body Shop and Yoo Moo loyalty cards:

Yoo Moo and Nandos have paper cards the same size as credit cards, this could be for funding reasons, the fact of storing them in a purse or wallet is easier, as it can bend etc and also because after it has been used it may simply go in the bin so shredding would be useful. Also Recycling can be an important factor when thinking about loyalty cards. Nandos card is like a book, the front contains information on how the card works, then overleaf it asks for your details, This could be a way of keeping track of who has what offer and it allows them to keep count and make sure no one is cheating! on the 3rd page it has 10 squares, get to 4 squares and you get a 1/4 of a chicken free, get to 6 and you get half a chicken and finally when you get to 10 you get a whole chicken free.

for the body shop the front is simple, It is a plastic card (I had to pay £5 for this thing!) it has the logo not he front and the body shop logo. On the back it has 8 love hearts, 4 stamps = a free gift worth up to £5 and 8 stamps = a free gift worth up to £10. The card contains my name, D.O.B and the date I bought the card. This card has a barcode unlike nandos and you moo. For those cards you simply get a stamp and a signature.

Yoo Moo is a simply design not he front and on the back it has 6 cows, on the 6th cow when you receive a stamp you get a Yoo Moo free. It also tells the card holder how the card works and it also asks for the email address of the card holder so they can receive other great offers and promotions.

For Zoes business we discussed the sort of options she could have for her card. The hates are shown below:

Zoe defiantly wants a book for her loyalty card, She wants the front and back covers to be simple, and the middle to have info on Zings and 10 circles for her stamps or stickers. I suggested getting a stamp of her logo made or even use stickers each time a customer has had a treatment.

Once Zoes Customers have had 10 treatments they then get 30% off any treatment they wish.

Whilst I was quickly sketching out some Ideas I looked at my timeline and thought about maybe being able to combine her loyalty card with her appointment cards. The ten appointments listed on the card can correspond to the ten stickers she has on  the other side of the card.

Here are some ideas I mocked up in photoshop:

I showed Zoe the main Idea for the front and back and wanted to keep them the same, she said ‘I love these and think they will look amazing!’.

This is the front that Zoe would like for her card:

And this is the back:

For the inside I wanted to use these brushes because they are elegant and really flow with the theme.

Here I have added light purple circles for the stamps or stickers (which ever Zoe decides to use) And I added a slogan ‘As soon as you walk through Zings doors, the salon is yours!’ Zoe really liked this slogan and would like it on her final card.

For this idea I tried to join the treatment numbers to each circle, however where the circles are quite large the dots would over lap or be hidden by the circles so I decided not to carry on with this idea.

I quite like the idea below, It is simple but effective and the appointment dates and circles are totally separate to avoid any confusion.

I like this idea below, the only thing I didn’t like was the way the 9 circles were in the middle, I think I needed to have used more space on the left hand side. Also only 9 circles can be used meaning Zoe would have to give a discount sooner than she wanted to.

I really like the idea below, the 5 circles and appointment dates have their own side so it is easily readable when a customer has filled one side and it near to her/his discount!

I showed these ideas to Zoe and she preferred the idea above, she said ‘Its different I have never seen a loyalty card split like this!’. However she still wanted the slogan somewhere on the card:

I tried on the top of the inside of the card however thought the font sizing was too large:

So I made it smaller however felt now the inside was too busy as it had a lot going on:

So I tried the slogan on the back and was not keen on this idea:

And it defiantly did not look right on the front of the card:

So I decided to try the back again and changed the layout of the text and think this looks much better:



[insert images of business card]


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