Leaflets are very useful for promoting a particular place or business. They can tell people where to go and what to see in order to get the most from a visit. For example a Zings leaflet can inform a customer which treatments Zoe specialises in and the great prices she offers too! They are particularly helpful in providing background information.

Leaflets can have different layouts, some examples are shown below:

I think for a leaflet the best layouts for a beauty salon would be the rack card, 2 panel, 3 panel accordion fold or the 4 panel accordion fold. I think this because they are very simple, and the information can easily be organised in order of how the viewer should read it.

Below are some examples of existing leaflets:

I quite like the leaflet below, I think that background stands out really well and also the different coloured font makes each word stand out. I like the images on some of the panels and this will be something I will suggest to Zoe.

I wanted to show this idea to Zoe because it as the vouchers as part of the leaflet. The only downside to this is having the voucher on one whole panel there is not going to be a lot of room for all her prices etc. Should Zoe want to keep track of which customer had 10% off or a free make over then this would be a good idea.

I quite like the way different font has been used for the headings/different treatments. This would make it easier for a customer if they were looking for a particular price for a particular treatment.

I wanted to show Zoe this idea with the images covering parts of 2 panels at one time. I also liked the border on this design.

Again this leaflet has a voucher however it is only in a small box. I think that if Zoe wanted to include a voucher then I would have it at the bottom of a panel so then it can easily be ripped out and will not take up too much room.

Again I wanted to show this idea to Zoe because of the images flowing over two panels.

I did not like this idea I think it is too ‘blocky’ and it needs some texture.

With Zoe with me I quickly folded and did some quick mock ups of 4 different leaflet Ideas from above that I thought would be a good idea:

The rack idea is shown below: This idea is simple and would work if Zings was promoting one special offer, however as there are so many things that Zoe specialises in there is not enough room on this leaflet for all the text and information. I also did not like the way the prices started on the front of the leaflet, I think that the front page should be simple witht he logo, address and opening times.

For the two panel Idea again there is not enough room for all the info and therefore this idea would not work.

The 3 panel accordion fold is a better idea and there seems to be more space for info etc so the info is not all squashed.

However i feel that the 4 panel accordion fold is a much better design because it has more space for each treatment allowing me to add more information about Zings and what it has to offer.

As you can see in the image below Zoe would have preferred the waxing page and the back with logo to have been swapped round the other way.

After discussing the existing leaflets with Zoe, She decided she did not want any images apart from the brushes I downloaded yesterday, she wants no more than half a panel for the 20 % off voucher (only 50 of these to be printed) and she would like different coloured writing and font for each treatment. Zoe also chose the three panel leaflet for her price list, however wanted it to be folded differently:

After Zoe decided on this layout I mocked up the panels to go in the leaflet,I used a swirly font for each heading and even tried the headings in black and the other text in purple. I also decided to include a border on every panel:

For the front panel below I thought that the  opening times part was too big and so was the address and I wanted it to be more simple..

Like this:

The panels are quite simple and straight forward:

I tried changing the headings to black so they stood out more however thought that it would be better if the text was all the same colour. Other ways text can stand out is by making it bolder or italic.

With the facials section at the bottom of this panel I thought that it was all too squashed together, so I separated it so it could be read easier.

Like this:

The tanning page has a small gap at the bottom, I think once all of these panels are put together I am going to use the brushes to fill the gaps and finish off the leaflet (Or this could be a good place for the voucher on the 50 that Zoe wants printed).

The waxing panel had a lot of spare room at the bottom so I decided to evenly space out the different waxing treatments.

This packages panel is the last (back) page of the leaflet, in the small gap at the bottom I am going to include the logo.

After putting all the panels next to each other in order, I realised that I actually had an 8th panel, I decided to put this text under the waxing treatments, however I will have to take the spacing out between all the text to do this.

I think this looks much better:

Here are the screen shots of the leaflet front and back, I am now going to add the brushes and the logo on the back of the leaflet. After seeing the panels put together like this I am now not keen on the borders around EVERY page, I think it is too bold and it may distract from the writing.

After adding the brushes to the leaflet It has finally all come together! I took the opacity down not he borders so that they were lighter than the text and I also took the opacity down on the fairy wing brushes so the text is easily readable over the texture.

Firstly I took to opacity down to 50% however it was still a bit too dark.

So I took it down to 20% and think that this looks so much better!

I decided to stick with the fairy wings brushes at first because they are very elegant and girly (just how Zoe wanted to show her business as), I thought maybe  the wings would look good in black to bring out the black int he logo, however as shown by the image below it did not work as well as I thought so I used a slightly darker purple than the border.

I really like the texture these brushes make, and experimented witht he different shapes int he collection.

In the end I decided one big butterfly/fairy wing spread looked better as It still flowed over to the other pages.

I tried adding two smaller butterflies in the corners of the left and right pages however do not think that this looked good.

I tried just one butterfly but decided to keep it with just the one bigger butterfly in the middle.

On the reverse side of the leaflet I added half  fairy wing on the left and a smaller set on the front page. I think this makes the leaflet look quite sophisticated.

I added flowers in not he bottom left and right pages however thought it looked good not he right but not on the left so I decided to take the flowers away.

After Showing Zoe the designs she really liked them! She said ‘I wouldn’t want to change anything!’.

The only thing we did agree on was to print off this version and another without the borders. I then suggested having one big border round the outside of the leaflet on each side.

To show Zoe what each design would look like printed off, I printed off the three options (one border round whole leaflet, no border or a border for each panel) to help her decide which one she would prefer:

One border round whole image:

No border:

A boder round each panel:

After showing these to Zoe she preferred the leaflet with one border round the whole thing. I am quite happy with her decision I really liked this design over the others as well.

After deciding this leaflet I altered the leaflet to include the voucher (only 50 of these will be printed):

I thought by having the voucher on the back it would not ruin the layout in any way, so I decided to put the voucher here:

and I moved the body treatments to the packages panel, and made the logo smaller and put it where the back of the voucher is.

As you can see above, I have included two different types of logos no the back of this leaflet, I showed this to Zoe and she said she quite likes the two different logos there as they suit the positions well.

Overall Zoe and I are very happy with the Leaflets!!



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