Promotional poster

Next I am going to produce promotional posters for Zoes business telling customers where the business is, Zoes number, main promotional offers and what she specialises in. I researched into existing posters and found the following 8:

I like the poster below, It is simple but effective, it highlights the main words (in black) so they stand out to the customers, This poster is promoting mothers day and some of the packages people can purchase for their mothers. Other promotional packages could be for weddings or birthdays.

I really like the image below, I like the image of the model and the colour contrast between the make up and the blocked colouring for the wording. However I am not overly keen on the right hand strip of colour as it covers up part of the models eye. Over all I think that this is a good idea.

I chose this image because I like the background, It is quite faint but I like the way the logo is within the background and I like the use of the pink making different parts stand out.

These sorts of posters below are quite popular and are very recognisable, I had a thought of doing a poster for Zings saying, ‘Keep calm and go to Zings’, or Get pampered and go to Zings’.

The next three posters are for the same salon, I decided to show these because I like the way they have been split into two, with the images on the top and the main writing/text on the bottom.

I like this poster for the typography, the different colours used in each line and the way its not all structured, it still looks good and effective, however I do not think that this poster is very eye catching.

After looking at these Ideas, I quickly mocked up some ideas to show Zoe. Whilst I was mocking these Ideas up Zoe called me and I told her how I was getting on, She said she wanted the Posters (explaining where her business is and her contact number), the opening times poster and the leaflets to all be laid out and designed in the same way. She also suggested adding a promotional voucher at the bottom of the Poster to encourage people to try out Zings Beauty Salon.

After producing these posters I thought they looked quite plain and boring and they needed something in the background to make them look more interesting. So I decided to do something that I have never done before… Download free brushes! I got slightly carried away with the brushes and downloaded quite a few however chose 8 that I thought would be relevant for this project, or could make Zings look  different.

The first one I downloaded was called Butterflies, I chose this for obvious resins, with the butterfly in the logo:

I really like these brushes however think that they will look better when teamed up with some other swirly brushes.

Then I downloaded a compass brush:

I thought this could be quite interesting, a compass representing the way to go with Beauty is to go to Zings, However I thought it looked quite random and that message may not come across clear.

Then I downloaded fairy wings, I chose this because It looks like butterfly wings which ties in with the theme of Zings quite well:

Again I think teamed with swirls they will look really good because at the moment they do look quite random!

Then there is floral corn:

I think this brush is really good and will work well with either of the two butterfly brushes already shown above.

Then there Is Half tone, I do not think that this brush selection is very interesting and it does not link with the theme of the business.

I wanted to download this brush collection because I thought that it was really cute! However It has no relevance to the theme of Zings what so ever so I will not be using this idea:

Then there is a collection called Love me, I feel that some of these brushes may be relevant however some are not:

The last brushes I downloaded are called Photoshop brushes (swirls), I really like these are I think that they will compliment other brushes that I have downloaded quite well:

After showing Zoe these ideas and brushes She decided that she did not want Posters with just the address and contact number, Where this is a business that is just starting out she wants to be careful with her costs. We discussed how else we can make people aware of the address and contact number and decided to add this on the leaflets, business cards and opening times posters which will be put up in shop windows. Zoe also made me aware that she has decided how to decorate her salon, She is going to have purple and white walls with the slogan ‘Relax, Indulge, Unwind’ written in silver along the purple wall. Therefore she no longer requires me to photograph her in action to produce images of her work on the walls.

using the new brushes I have created five new Opening times posters to show Zoe:

After I showed Zoe these Ideas she instantly knew which ones she preferred. She prefers the last two, however with the second one she would prefer not to have all of the brushes in one area, or to make each one stand out from the other they could be different colours. I took this into consideration and have developed these two Ideas:

I wanted to see if the wings back to front would look quite interesting however the screen shot above shows that this does not work.

I prefer the idea below however I am not overly keen on the flowers at the bottom right above the folded line.

I think the idea on the left looks better. As these posters are purely to tell people the opening times of the salon (I must include the address and contact number!!!!) and will be shown in shop windows, I decided to take the voucher part off of the idea.

Herre is the second idea I have developed:

I think that the one below still looked quite plain so I developed it even more below:

I prefer this idea there is more going on and it looks quite sophisticated.

I emailed these developments to Zoe and she was very pleased with them, the only thing that she asked to include was the address and contact number of Zings, her name and Beauty therapist.

Here are the two developed ideas:

After showing these Ideas to Zoe (again!) she decided she still wanted the voucher to be on a Poster or leaflet somewhere, so I suggested including it on her leaflets (Next on my timeline) and I also offered to quickly much up an advert to go in her local paper that also included the voucher:



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