Developing logo..

After showing Zoe the final logo, she really liked it. However she was not overly keen on the font that I had chosen. I then went away and experimented with other fonts for her logo.

I decided to download some free fonts that I quite liked, however after putting them together with the image they didn’t exactly match:

I decided to work on the image itself a bit more to make it more interesting. I came up with the image below:

I really like this idea and the new and improved butterfly, however I think that the font is too bold and not sophisticated enough for a beauty salon logo.

I tried changing where the text would go however Still I think that this font is not right for the logo or the business.

I then tried a different font. I think that this one looks better and the font fits better with the business and what it does. Its flowy and girly.

I quite like the font used for this one above, I defiantly think that a bold font is better for this logo however this particular font again is not quite right.

I tried the font again in capital letters however I still do not think it looks quite right.

I knew this font would not look right, however I really like it and decided to experiment with it anyway.

I really like the font above, I think it stands out really well and it looks good with the image behind it. Its swirly and girly just like what a beauty therapy logo should look like. I am not sure if the font is bold enough but this idea is defiantly something I will work on and develop.

I experimented with the image and moved it around however I think I prefer the butterfly in the middle of the writing.

I then used anther font and experimented with the slogan, and the position of the butterfly as well.

I really like this font, its girly and funky, however does not fit in with the business and the image.

I think a swirly font would be the best font for this logo, however I think that this font below is way too swirly!

I tried the same font with a capital letter at the beginning and lower case letters after and think that this works better and this idea could be a great idea for the logo.

I found this font below to be better than the one above and prefer this to the other one. It is swirly and girly again and it more easily readable for the customers.

In InDesign I tried to have the text curved round a circle so that It  could curve above the image.

Even though the text in the idea below does not match, I still do not think that this idea will work.

I am still 100% happy with having the butterfly in the middle and the text in the middle or at the bottom.



After showing Zoe all the screen shots above and taking her through the process of how I came up with each design etc, She eliminated the font types and ideas that she was not keen on. We eventually came down to the following idea:

I developed this idea for Zoe in front of her and we discussed different things as well. For example, When I changed the font back to this one, Zoe thought it looked quite good having the text in the middle of the butterfly, however I still changed some things round to show her some other examples of how the logo should look and she preferred different ideas.

After I showed her this Idea, Zoe preferred having the butterfly on the top right hand corner and the slogan below the word ‘Zings’. The only problem I could see with this design was the way the slogan was overlapping the word Zings, I offered to change the font to something that wasn’t so italic, however Zoe said she really liked the font I had already chosen and wanted to leave it.

So I decided to  move the slogan down slightly so that it did not overlap. I still am not totally keen with this idea however Zoe said she was happy with it and did not want to change the logo anymore.

Zoe then suggested to have the slogan and the butterfly the other way round however we both agreed that this idea was not very good!

And so we stuck to the logo below.

That evening I went away and experimented with the logo a little bit more, I wanted to give the butterfly some textures I played around with the filter/artistic textures on photoshop to see what I could come up with, This is what I found:

After playing around with these different effects I decided I really liked ‘cut out’ and ‘paint daubs’, I chose ‘paint daubs’ because I liked the way it made the image lighter. I changed the brush size and sharpness ever so slightly and then applied this to the image and this is what it came up with:

I think the butterfly was too light so I made it darker and I am happier with this design:

I emailed Zoe this design and she too was really pleased with the effects.


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