Jamie Oliver mag

Whilst I was going through all my mums cook books she has at home I came across this magazine she bought recently. I flicked through and found some key layout ideas that I really like and want to include in my magazine.

In the image below, I really like the left hand page with the four images. All four images relate to the article that starts on the opposite page. On the right hand page, I really like the way the images are the same size however they start from the far right and do not go all the way across the page to the left side. I also really like the text box that over laps the left image with the dots round the text. On some of the pages in this magazine, it has Jamie Olivers website along the bottom. I am going to include this on some of the pages in my magazine to encourage readers to sign up to the website or subscribe to the magazine.

I like tho silage below, again the two images start from the far left and do not go right across the page, Instead there is another column of text . I really like the way the same colour for the title of this article is used for the title of each column in this article.

Different coloured and font is used for different titles in each article:

I like this page, It is simply an advertisement page, yet the image, layout and font used makes it very interesting and eye catching.

Again I have shown this image because I like the different sized images and like the way the text goes round them, I also like the text box with dots around it that over laps the image. This seems to be a common feature in this magazine.

Here Is another article page, This could be a good idea for my Dave Cox short article.

Like the first spread I really like the collage of images on the left and love how the text is laid out around the smaller text box and I like how It over laps the image. I have already used a larger letter in my Reba article just like this article has a larger ‘A’.

Again, text overlapping an image and wrapped round a quote.

For my Reba article I was having trouble with her quote being placed on the image, I really like what has been done with this quote on an image, the bright background colour of the strips makes the quote more eye catching for the readers.

For this spread I like the text under the image and then the thinner longer column at the side.

On the page below I wanted to show that the dots around the quotes can also be used to break up short paragraphs within a article.

Again, I like the different sized columns on this spread, as well as the images and the text box overlapping 4 of them explaining what they are about.

I am not entirely keen on this spread, I like the images along the top however I am not 100% keen on the images dotted around the article at the bottom.



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