MOS Evaluation

for this assignment i decided to work with Nikoleta. I assumed that we would have worked together every part of the way for this assignment, meeting at least once a week for a few hours. On our first meeting we realised that actually, we have totally different ideas for poster designs. We then decided to work seperatly for a few weeks to get our ideas together and then we were going to chose the final three that we really liked and develop them until we were happy with them to submit to D&AD. Getting together was quite difficult due to work an other commitments. As we only had 9 days left till it was to be submitted we decided to work alone. I sketched out ideas and put them together in photoshop so I did not feel set back by our decision.

I decided to chose the Ministry of Sound typography brief because I am into music, and have recently seen the MOS adverts on tv. I thought that this would be quite an enjoyable assignment and I would have been able to find out more about the club.

I started this brief by looking at the MOS website anf facebook page. I then moved onto existing posters anf found the links between them all that makes MOS memorable. It is colourful, stands out, eye catching, is easily readable, there is normally a mixture of graphics, typography and photographs. The logo appears almost everywhere, sometimes quite obvious and sometimes more than once.

I quickly looked at the history of the club just for my own general knowledge. In the brief we were given the logo, a colour palette and information. The bold use of colour is a unique feature of the clubs brand as it ties in with their values. In my designs  I was allowed to use the colours in any proportion and combination. Purple is the clubs primary colour and MOS wanted it to have more weight overall. I was allowed to use tones/gradients etc within the pallette. I then did some quick sketches and looked at possible layout ideas for my posters. Even though they are to be shown in different places, I still wanted them to have a layout incase they were shown together. I decided from my quick sketches that I wanted to have one landscape and two portrait. However when it actually came to the designing and the layout of each poster, I decided to have them all portrait as it would be easier for people to read and in what order they should read them. After sketching out my ideas I quickly mocked up seven posters using info from existing posters (as I could not get hold of the info at this time). I quite liked these ideas , however the info was wrong, there was no purple over powering other colours and they all were the same as existing posters and had nothing new.

In a meeting with Tom he suggested I moved away from these ideas and start again. I did exactly that and moved onto different designs and included backgrounds etc however I do not feel that the backgrounds were good enough and the text would not all fit onto one page. I added stock images and made the posters really colourful, but I felt they were not very interesting and again there wasnt any over powering purple. I looked into existing typography posters and changed my ideas completely. Even though it is a typography brief I experimented with different sized logos, i embossed them and included more than one on a page. I quite liked these ideas however I do not think that they were very interesting for MOS. I tried finding some funky fonts for my posters and ended up downloading:

I used ‘I am online with you’ for the month and ‘saturday sessions’. I think this looks quite cool and funky to use for a music club poster. I then used ‘7 Led’ for the time and ‘Birth of a hero’ for the main event info. In the majority of my ideas I have decided to keep the information simple and structured in order so that it is easy to read. When writing the time of the events on my designs they looked really random and boring. I looked up ‘digital’ fonts and found this one:

instert digital font

I used this font for the rest of my ideas and think it works really well, it is easy to communicate that this is the times of the events.

To make my posters recognisable, (apart from the logo) I have included each month in the same font along the top, i embossed the title, logo and time and have also included purple in all three posters. As these three months are to celebrate the clubs 21st birthday, I wanted to include some sort of image to represent this. I created the number 21 with the logo behind it and this symbol is included somewhere on each of the final posters.

For these posters I have experimented with colours, stock images, text and layout. Over all I am very pleased with my posters. I feel they communicate clearly the dates, DJs and the brand clearly and concisely. These posters are seen out doors and often viewed from moving vehicles. This is the reason my my simple designs. The purple is quite bold and eye catching and will communicate well to the audience that MOS is having a big event.


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