Magazine re-launch poster brief

Today in class we were given a mini brief, It was to create a poster for the relaunch of our chosen magazine, mine being Country Music people. It was to be an A3 poster using the same typefaces as in my magazine. I had to consider the following:

  • Orientation (portrait/landscape)
  • The information that needs to go on the poster (i.e Date of launch)
  • Tone of voice
  • Audience (For whom the magazine is for)

The final version of the poster must be in InDesign.

When I saw I had to create a poster I will admit I didnt read the brief fully and simply started on my design ideas!

Above I quickly sketched out the first Idea that I had, I added comments and thoughts around the quick sketch with other possible ideas.

I took this idea and quickly mocked it up in photoshop:

Above is the mock up from the sketch I quickly drew, I am not keen on this idea It is not very appealing for my target market (young females aged between 18-35) I think ‘Country Music people’ is too much on this poster as it has been written twice, for the title and on the front cover of the magazine. I think that if the image of the front cover for the magazine was smaller then the title on both the poster and the magazine would not clash as much. I am also not keen on the two big chunks of blude at the top and bottom of the poster.

Here I have taken away the title of the poster and have straightened up the blue box at the top of the poster. Below I have added another blue box at the bottom. I think they need to be alot slimmer to border the poster rather than to stand out.

I decided to quickly see what a different colour background would look like, I think that white will look better and black is defiantly not the right colour to use!

Just in case people didnt know what Country People was, I decided to include ‘magazine’ at the bottom of the poster so that it will be clear. I also included the website att he bottom so people know how they can order the new copy should they want to. Again I do not like the two blue blocks at the top and bottom of the poster, so have decided to leave this idea for now.

I quite prefer this idea, It shows what the magazine DID look like to what it will look like when it comes out, which is more appealing to my target audience and more glam. I prefer this idea however am not all keen on the white space that is left…

This looks slightly better as there is not so much white space however I still think that it needs a bit of work.

This idea looks better as there is hardly much white, blank space. I think the blue squares and information should be changed round or in one column so that it flows better.

For the idea below I have changed round the images and text, I do not think that it works as well, however I think it may look better with all the text on the right and also with the added date of the launch.

Here I added the date of the launch (the deadline for this assignment), below I have Played around with the layout that I preferred and have finally decided for now on the last screen shot.


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