Feedback from Tom

I think Tom quite liked my ideas, however he said they were too similar to the original MOS existing posters. I decided to change my ideas altogether. Here are the screen shots:

I quite liked this idea however I think that the logo is too big;

I prefer the logo this size, however I still don’t think that the poster is very exciting.

For this idea, I downloaded some free fonts to use. I wanted a font that looked digital for the time and something slightly different for the month and ‘Saturday sessions’ and also for the text about each event. I am not 100% keen on the logo with 21 on it or the logo in the top left hand corner. Over all for this idea I do not like it however I do like the font!

I really liked the way this idea was coming along, I really like the font I think It looks good and the digital time looks good also. I think the grey and the pink work well together and I like the large logo in the bottom right hand corner. The only thing I am worried about for this design Is the fact that MOS have said that the Purple colour on the colour chart provided is their primary colour and should be given more weight overall.

I am going for bold and plain as MOS also said, ‘The bold use of colour is a really unique feature of the Club brand. It ties in with our brand values and serves to differentiate us from the competition.’

I think for this Idea I should change the pink to purple.

For this idea I like the darker grey logo and the 20 years with the logo on it however again there is no purple and I am unsure of the ‘info’ text being at a different angle.

Here I have changed the colour to purple, I quite like the top part however think the layout could be slightly different for the information around the logo. I have embossed the logo to make it look more interesting instead of plain and flat.

Here I have changed the background and the layout of the information, however It now looks very plain and boring under the logo. I am not keen on the slanted text however do like the time under the logo.

I did really like this image until I uploaded it onto this post just now, I do not like the three logos I have used, It looks boring, I’m not keen on the border or the plain white background! I am going to develop this idea as I think It could be quite strong.

So far I like the layout of this idea, however I am not keen on the plain purple background, I think It needs a bit of texture.

Again I have embossed the logo and I think it looks quite effective. I do like this poster however still not very keen on the background.

This is the final image, I think I need to play around with the font a bit more for this idea.

After seeing this piece of work around so many times I wanted to try doing it myself with the MOS info:

I do like this poster however It isn’t very eye catching for the MOS poster.



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