I have decided to have the month, 2012 and Saturday Sessions along the top of all three posters, so that they will be recognised as MOS posters and will all have something very similar in common. Along the way I embossed the titles and the time to create a funky effect.

Fro this Idea I wanted the 15th to be bigger and brighter than the other days as this was the main event, the 21st birthday party.

In the screen image below I have embossed both the logo and the text at the top of the poster. I added a drop shadow to the logo at the bottom right to make it stand out.

I thought the poster looked a bit plain and as it is a birthday event I added an image of balloons in the background, I took the opacity down so that It did not make the text difficult to read.

This is the final image.

Novembers poster looks almost exactly the same as Septembers with the dead straight line along the bottom, therefore I decided to use a gradient on the background:

I prefer this Idea I think the background looks much better.

I also included a gradient in the top left corner and the bottom right. I like this idea however think the time text needs to be embossed like the others have been:

I prefer this idea It makes the time stand out much better.

As these three months are to celebrate the 21st birthday of the club, I wanted to include some sort of image that represented this. Therefore I quickly created the number 21 with the MOS logo behind it with the opacity taken down, and I placed it on my three posters:

Here are my three posters next to each other:


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