Here are some mock ups from my sketches for the word contents:

At the moment I really like the way the word contents forms a cross and the one underneath it. I am going to produce two different design Ideas using these words and I will see which one works best.

Here are some sketches using the words above, I am going to produce these designs to see which ones work well:

Below are the screen prints of the pages I have done:

I quite like this one it looks very sophisticated and I really like the pattern/shape the two Ts make when they overlap each other, however I think it looks quite plain.

Here is the second mock up:

Whilst putting tho idea together in InDesign, I thought that the bottom right hand side on the right page looked a bit plain so I added the word ‘Tour Guide’ and was going to put the page number next to it, I do not think that this looked very good and decided to change the words to ‘Subscribe to Country Music People’:

I think this looks better, however I still think it looks a bit plain in that area. I decided to add an image of a cowboy boot:

I think that this idea looks better now, I have also added the lines from the information to the pictures and I also really like this idea:

I really like this image I think it works really well. I have decided to keep the background plain so that the info and the images stand out from it.

I quite like the idea below, however as there is not really a lot of text it does not wrap round them image of reba well and the layout of the images is the same as the previous idea.

I quite like the idea below:

I like the way the text wraps round the image only on one side, and I like the way the page numbers and text flows rather than being in a structured order one after the other.

For this idea I have combined the last two design ideas together and I am quite pleased with the final outcome:


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