Content page designs

Here are some examples I quite like of content pages:

In this design I quite like the balance of images and text. I also like the little images that relate to some pages.

I really like this design, mostly because of the colours and the way the page numbers etc are laid out. I think I will experiment with this idea. I also really like the ay the word contents has been stretched.

In this idea I quite like the images at the numbers on them to represent the pages the article is on. This could be a quick way for readers to find what they want to read.

In this design I like the way the word contents is written.

In this idea I like the way there are lines that join the picture up to the page number and information.

I am not 100% keen on this idea I think it all looks a bit random, however I do like the way it has been split in two halves.

In some of these design ideas the word content has appeared differently in all new and exciting ways. I decided to quickly sketch some ideas to see what I could come up with.

My next step is to mock these up in photoshop to see which ones work and which do not.


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