Article number 1…

So today I decided to start looking at the layout for my long feature. I took the long 3 spread article from the country mag about Reba McEntire and tried to reduce it down to 2/ 2 and a half spreads. I also wanted to include some more images of Reba from different photo shoots to show her in a variety of different ways. In the original article, there is three quite large images of Reba, 2 covering a whole page and one int he middle of a spread, taking up a lot of room. I decided to reduce the size of these images and have smaller images, but also a few more. From this idea shown below, I took the swirly idea and kept them as swirls rather than musical notes because I feel that they are more sophisticated (like the front cover) which will give the same consistency throughout the magazine.

Below is the article in InDesign:

Above you will see the articles first spread, I really like the way that this has turned out however feel there needs to be something in the top left hand corner to simply balance out the spread. Below I added the short paragraph from the original article, explaining what it is about.

I think that this idea has worked quite well! I think It looks quite sophisticated and even though there is a lot of text to read, It does not look quite so bad as there are images to break it up and the columns are short.

below is the 2nd spread that I tried, as I was typing out the article I was thinking that It wasn’t looking very interesting. It was looking quite plain and boring just like the original magazine. There was lots of text and it all started to look a bit too much.

I think for this idea the image was too big and the two smaller columns were too wide and if I were to have reduced the size of them then there would have been more text to fill the third column which would have taken up too much room.

I tried moving the text and image round to see which would have worked out best.

In the end I decided to lay it out like this, I am not 100% sure on the image on the left hand page however quite like the way I have been able to wrap the text round both images. I did this by following the tutorial on youtube below:

After looking at the existing magazine articles that I like, I remembered the big bright coloured letter that really stood out in one article. I tried to do the same with this idea with the word ‘Reba’:

I am not sure if this idea works very well, however I am going to redo the whole article twice so that I will then have 3 ideas to chose from/pull apart to produce another idea with all the best features.

This is the last page for this first idea, I was unsure on how to lay out all the images and text and at first it did not look very good:

I then moved everything around and came up with this idea:

I prefer this idea, however  the gap between the text and the speech marks needs to increase:

I like this idea much more. I think that this page and the first spread are quite strong however the middle spread still needs work as it is not very interesting and there is still lots of text that does not make the article look very interesting.

I decided to play around with the layout of the second spread and this is what I came up with:

I quite liked the lay out of this idea, however I wasn’t too keen on the image in the bottom right hand corner, I decided to change the image and am now a lot happier with the screen shot below:

I still am not too sure on the word Reba, I decided to change the font etc and also experimented with just having the ‘R’. I decided to use blue for the colouring of this letter because in the images that I have chosen Reba is wearing a lot of blue and her bright blue eyes help bring out the colour.

After changing the font to a font used on the front cover of the magazine (engravers MT) I placed the word into the article and this is what it looked like:

I decided that having the whole word in the article behind the text did not look right, so I changed it to just the R:

I think that this looks so much better. I looked back at the design that this inspiration came from, and think it looks a lot better at the top by the start of the paragraph. So again I moved all the images and text around to see if it made a difference.

I think this idea looks a lot better. I am very pleased with this final idea! So here are the three screen shots of the final five pages for this article:


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