Ideas I like


whilst randomly looking for magazine layouts etc I came across these few images that have given me some inspiration:

I really like this effect! It looks amazing, I would love to do this in my magazine however it has no relevance to my subject. This is defiantly something that I will be keeping in mind for future projects!

In this design I quite like the random bright yellow ‘d’. It draws the attention of the reader to the text. This could work quite well with my articles as there is a lot of text which may not interest the reader as much as the images might.

I wanted to show you this image because I quite like the star within the circle. I think I would like to include something like this on the front of my magazine so that It is something for the readers to look out for and recognize the symbol as Country Music People mag.

I have already included the swirls in a design idea that I did earlier. I think it adds character to the article as well as makes it interesting.

I quite liked this image because I really liked the collage of images on the left and the big Y at the beginning of the paragraph on the right.


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