Design Sketches

Here are some images of some design ideas that I have had. I am going to look at these sketches and choose the ones that I think will work well and will produce mock ups of them to see if actually, they do work.

I quite like this design idea, the image will continue to show in the swirls above the image. Swirls however are not relevant to the subject, perhaps I could change them to music notes? I think that the space at the bottom for the text is quite good as It gives it move space to fill and will then not look like it has a lot of boring text that is spread over 3 spreads.

I think that this idea would also work quite well, There is lots of space for text and interesting images. This idea could even be a good layout for the second spread that does not include a title.

I am not 100% sure on this idea, I think that there is not enough room for text which will not allow the article to be reduced in size.

I think this idea could be quite effective, I like the way the quote will be big and eye catching and then the text starts underneath it. There is a lot of room for text and there may even be room for text on the other side of this spread, depending on the size of the image.

I am not sure on this idea, I do not think that I will take it further because it almost already looks like the original article.

Here I have four quick sketches for design ideas for the front cover. In a previous post I have already designed some ideas. As I have to submit three front covers for my final assignment, I will mock them all to see which three works.


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