Understanding the brief…

Here are some main points taken from the brief and in lectures to help me understand it better. At the moment I am still unsure of what to write my essay on.

Creative Context Essay 2 2000 Words and URL to blog to be submitted by 4.30 on Thursday 15th March 2012.

– Write about/ explore those that engage with media in unpredictable, un-normative or transgressive ways.

– Explore the ways in which individuals can be seen to work against the rhetorical position of a text e.g. Finding alternative ways of doing something – hacking games, cheating systems, coping films.

– If media are political, full of processes of identifying and disturbing power and status, what does it mean to transgress the rhetoric of a medium?

Transgress: (Law) to break (a law, rule, etc.)

Talk about:
– Biopower
– Detournement
– Resistance
– Multitude
– Tribal Consumers

– How are people going against the rhetorical position of a text?
– What ways do they justify these actions? (Why do it?)
– What relationship does this have with the development or long-term security of a text?
– What does it mean to work against rhetoric?
– How do they go against it? Talk about methods:
– Explain what people are doing, how and why they are doing it.

The fundamental question this essay is answering is:
– What are the methods, justifications and impacts of transgression on the rhetorics of a media of your choice?

INCLUDE- Photographs and screen prints in essay

REFERENCE – Harvard style

Use BOTH books AND internet.


Now to find a subject…


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