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I have decided to look into why people download films and watch them online or even make copies to distribute or even sell instead of going to the cinema. In my opinion i prefer to go to the cinema rather than watching copies on the tv at home or online. In my experience when I have watched a copied dvd, the sound is muffled, people watch in front of the camera and then you missed part of the film, the camera is shaky, half the screen has been cut off and even sometimes the sound or film cuts out. I prefer going to the cinema because the atmosphere is amazing and even though you go with friends and shouldn’t really talk through the film, we laugh and talk about it afterwards either in the car on the way home or we make a big evening of it and go out for a meal too. I wouldn’t say I went very often and the nearest cinema to my home is around 40 mins away, I do not mind making this trip every now and then to watch a film   because i don’t go that often and It s nice to do something different and to get out of the house.

I have never downloaded a film from the internet, for starters I would not know where to start! And having to watch it on my Mac screen would drive me bonkers! Tvs are getting bigger, better, slimmer and surround sound is also a must have these days, however that bad copy still won’t be amazing on that massive tv, like it is in the cinema.


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