More Magazine

Here are some photographs that I took of More magazine. I really like this mag as it is more interesting to read, I am not only saying this because I always buy it, love the gossip and like looking at the pictures, but also because It is more interesting with colours, pictures, balance in articles, there does not seem like alot of text in an article simply because of the ay it has been laid out.

I really like this front cover, It is colourful has alot going on and I like the way it used half block colour and half photograph for the front cover.

Here I have taken a photo of both articles in both magazines that have a large image that covers a spread. I think that the More magazine Is more appealing to read because It has a little bit more to read, and the title grabs your attention more than the Country people music mag.

I took this photo from more magazine because I really like the use of typography for this article. It uses colour and a range of different sized letters and two different fonts. I would like to create something like this in my new re-designed magazine.

I really like this advert in More magazine, I think I will create the same sort of plain but effective advert in my magazine, as I think it is good for those people that are unsure about buying the magazine and just have a flick through in the shop. I could advertise the website for Country Music People and take them straight to how they can subscribe to the magazines.

I took this picture because I like the poster advertising new clothes etc. I think that I could re-do the events poster in CMP mag and make it more interesting.

I quite like this back page of more mag, It advertises the hair spray well. I do not think that the back cover for CMP is very interesting and I am not keen either on the colouring that has been chosen. It is advertising a CD however does not have an image of the CD so people that want to buy it from amazon will not really know what it is that they are looking for.



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