Country Music People Magazine!

Right for My layout brief I have to find a magazine to redesign. I need to find a magazine that is ‘problematic’ and in need of improvement or updating. I have to purchase and read the magazine to decide how I am going to redesign it. My final project will include:

– A revised version of my brief explaining purpose, methodology, audience etc

and a minimum of:
– Three separate covers
– A two page table of contents (two single pages or a spread),
– One news section (one or two pages)
– One long Feature (five pages or more) and
– One short feature (two or three pages)
– A back cover.

For my Magazine, I went into a small news agents in my area and had a look at their magazines. I found a few that looked like they needed updating, however decided to choose this magazine, Country Music people. I have been country dancing before and I really enjoyed the music and the dancing was fun too. This magazine however, does not show how fun It really is and I will never be drawn to read this magazine even though I really did enjoy myself at the dance.

I thin that this magazine is quite boring, it is writing after writing and that isn’t very interesting to start off with. I personally like to look at pictures and have more colour in a magazine. I also like a magazine that has an interesting front cover whereas this one is just blue and boring! The images are not ‘balanced’ on the spreads and look out of place in some places.

Country music people magazine contains features on a range of UK and imported releases in the country music field. It provides information on the latest chart updates as well as features on the well known players in the industry. it also contains news and listings of evenings and clubs that are being held all over the country which are dedicated to the country music and dancing scenes.

I found the website for this magazine, I was not overly keen on the layout of this website either. Like the magazine it is not very eye catching and it only allows you to preview the latest magazine issues, subscribe to them and have your say on the world of country music via the CMP blog. There is a bit of news on there but nothing really grabbed my attention.

Country music people also have their own Facebook page, which is not very popular, as it only has 253 likes.

‘Country music is now becoming much better known in the UK music industry. We think that it is fun to listen to something different every so often.(We like having a break from the hard core pop and R n B which is currently dominating our music charts at the moment). The genre of music has been around for some time and is now more popular than ever. More American country music artists are touring in the UK now which is probably helping to raise the profile of the genre here.

The magazine regularly gives reviews on new record releases in the industry. Country Music People is a useful guide for readers who are new fans of the music, the review pages can be used by newcomers to establish who the best musicians around are at the moment. The magazine is also a useful reference for readers who may find it difficult to find some country music in the high street music shops. Some of the musicians can be less well known in the more popular charts and the magazine will give readers news on new music that they may have found difficult to find from anywhere else.’



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