My two main Ideas…

After trying to work with the ‘say cheeze’ figure I decided that it was not very good. I used the fire in the background just like the Spy Kids cover. I did quite like this with the figure infront of it however I think it would have worked better if I was doing this for a DVD front cover of an action film or even a poster for a new film coming out.

I used the song book from stock pack A, I tried to make them look like they were flying. I used the perspective tool and tried to make them look slightly better. From stock pack B I decided to use the phonograph. I had a book flying out of the speak which was the only part of the image that was included in the final piece. After getting feedback on this image I decided to forget about itas it is not very strong and I think that I can do alot better.

For the image above, I decided to use the horseman figure, the camera from stock pack A and the Phonograph from stock pack B. When Coming up with some design ideas I wanted to include a film strip. Whilst looking for a film strip that fitted the purpose I found this background image on deviant art.

I thought that this would be quite good to work on top of. When I started layering up my stock images after I found a film strip to include. I cut out one of the photos from the film strip and used the phonograph instead. The background was not very big and actually the majority of it was actually hidden behind the camera. I decided to use the clone tool to include parts of the background elsewhere in the image I think that this works better now. It almost shows the messy side of photography with ink splatters and smudges.
I think that this image works quite well, however I think it needs more of the background to cover the top left corner. I created a ribbon effect by simply drawing long rectangles and manipulating them.

I tried making them a golden colour to make it stand out and give the image a bit of colour, however I do not think that It worked very well and then decided to change it to a light grey to fit in with the black and white theme of the image.

I think that this looks much better. I then used the clone tool and added more texture from the background to the top left corner. I think that this makes the image look better. I also added a photoframe around the horseman and changed the colour to black. I think that this makes him stand out better however most of your attension then goes to the frame rather than the horseman. It is too dark for the image.

For my second image I wanted to use the Dunce, the cauldron from stock A and then without realising, the phonograph from stock pack B. Firstly I cut out the dunce and thought how can I use this? I then thought about changing the cone hat into something else. I decided on a witches hat. Thats when I decided this will be the theme for my piece of work.

I then wanted to include a background scene for this image and decided on a brick wall with a foot path. I had the witch sitting on the path with her back against the wall. I wanted to create a slight texture on the wall and decided to posterize it. After that I started to add in the other stock images. I added the cauldron by the witches leg as if she was using it. When I was looking through the witches images on deviant art I found an image of three people dressed as witches, however they took a photograph of their shadow rather than themselves. I decided to use these and used an overlay to reate the shaddow effect on the brick wall to act as if they were towering over the duce witch. I still thought that this image looked slightly boring and plain, So i added a window in the brick wall. I had the window to the far left and and had it coming off the screen. I wanted to include some other images, so I thought of a lantern. I then added a small flame int he lantern to give it a bit of life. I quit elided the image, however think that it needed something else in the top right corner.

I wanted to include a bird or flying animal of some description, to tie in with the theme. I thought of either a bat or an owl, I could not find an image of a bat that I really liked so I decided to go for an owl, a barn owl to be precise.

after looking at my image i decided to add ‘drop shadows’ to the owl and phonograph. I think that this looks quite good. I followed a tutorial on you tube as I have never done this before.

I think that if I was to add a drop down shadow to any of the other stock images then it would have looked a bit too much with the shadows of the three witches behind on the wall. On the drop down shadows I added ‘noise’ to them so that they blend in with the texture of the brick wall.

Going back to the beginning of this piece, I did not realise that I had used the phonograph in both pieces of work. I decided to change the phonograph in the first image to the ‘grandest’ image. Just as I was adding a drop shadow to the image I realised that It was from stock A as well as the camera! I then decided to change it to the clock from stock B and used a brick wall with a girl sitting by it looking up at the clock.

These are my two final images.

Image 1 Full size

Image 2 Full Size



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