Ideas Ideas…

After following a tutorial on to remove an image with hair from a background, I decided to try and use this figure to create a piece of work for my assignment. When I look at this figure I think of action films and dvd front covers. I decided to look at images of the two films it reminded me of. For example The Terminator and Spy kids!











With The Terminator cover, It is quite simple and does not really very interesting. For my piece of work I would like to create something that has a lot going on and is quite eye catching for example Spy Kids.

Using my figure that I cut out and a background image from DeviantArt, I quickly put this together. The background image is landscape and therefore the fire had two random lines where the edge of the image was. I decided to use the smudge tool to erase these lines so that It looked like it flowed better with the image as a whole. I am unsure yet of what two stock images I will use and even how I can take this image further should I carry on with it.



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