Here are some design Ideas using the ‘links’ and bright colours that are normally found on MOS posters…

Here is idea 1, I have used information from existing posters to simply get the look across. I kept the design simple so that the text was easy to read, and I also included a brighter colour for the text against a darker background. I think theta if Nikki and I were to take this idea further it would need to be improved quite a lot.

I really like idea two, I like the image in the middle, the colourful writing and the logos. I like the way I used the abbreviated version for the club and then the full name underneath. I think that the random white line either needs to be developed into something else or needs to be deleted completely. If I was to take this further I would have included the relevant logo above the event details so that people would know when they see the logo what it is for.

This is design idea 3, I quite like this idea, I like the way the information is listed under the logo, I think that if i was to develop this idea then I would take away the MOS text at the top as it is already written around the logo and i would move the logo up and have more space between each set of events.

For this Idea, I looked at the MOS new years eve party and used my own party theme to create this. I found this stock image on deviant art which is why I went with the blue water theme, however I used the contact details and the descriptions used from the existing poster (just to work out layout ideas). I think that this poster works quite well, however it is limited to the one event and will not be able to represent the other events spread over 3 months.

For this idea, again I used the New Years eve themed poster and the info and created this. This Idea Is not one that can be limited as the disco ball can be used in any event and the colours can be too.


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