Ministry Of Sound Existing Posters

Here I have found some existing Ministry of Sound posters. Again I wanted to try and see what links the posters and how people can recognise the posters as the ministry of sound.

I really like this poster, using words to create a shape or image is something that I quite like doing. I quite like the way all the information for each event is clear and has its own space. The colours work quite nicely, however it does not really stand out and is not very eye catching.

This poster works well, the colours stand out and I quite like the background It works well with the theme of the event. The way the writing on the left has been written a different way is quite effective.

I really like this poster, (pink is my fav colour 😀 ) , It is quite simple yet effective just like the poster above. I like the way the info is simple, separated by lines and also various logos are included in the poster that are included in the event. The logo in the right hand corner is very effective I like the way it stands out.

I quite like this Poster, again against the dark background the text and images stand out really well. I quite like the use of texture in the image and the ‘clip art’ stars used.

This poster is quite busy, I think that the green it quit ever powering for the poster. Personally I do not think that the info is easy to read like it is on other posters. I like the use of random shapes and the different sizes in the text.

I really like this poster, I like the background and the way the event title is 3D and not in a straight line. It creates depth in the poster. This Poster does not have as much info on it like the others however the logo and images use up a lot of the space so it does not look plain.

Over all, MOS posters are all linked and have a lot in common. For example, The info is clear and easy to read, it is used in different ways for example different angles, portrait\landscape etc and they text is different sizes depending on the info being typed. All the posters are busy however are simple and easy to read, the logo is used in different ways on every poster and sometimes even appears more than once on a poster, and most of the posters have black backgrounds with bright colours making them all eye catching and stands out.

I am going to think of these posters when sketching and designing some ideas so that my designs will fit in with what already exists so that they will be recognised by MOS party animals!


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