Ministry Of Sound Brief

This brief is asking us to create a series of typographically focused posters for the iconic Ministry of Sound nightclub. Each poster needs to be relevant for three-months, clearly communicating dates and DJs, displaying the epic and global character of the club, whilst still making a powerful impact to a fast-paced audience.

After deciding to choose this brief I looked at existing posters and the Ministry of Sound website, to try and identify what links them all together and what makes the Ministry of Sounds posters unique and remorable.

Here is a screen shot of the home page for the Ministry of Sounds website. I wanted to look at what the website is about and what it includes.
The website is colourful, it stands out and is quite eye catching, it is easy to use, the website uses a mixture of Graphic Icons and, typography and photographs. The logo appears all over the screen acting as bullet points and next to ‘find us on facebook’ so that people know what it is that they should be looking for when trying to find the Ministry of Sound on facebook. ‘This helps it to become more memorable for the viewers.


For this brief I will be working with my class mate, Nikoleta.


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